National Clinical Director

Classification: DIR-CC

Position: National Clinical Director (NCD)

Department: Head Office

Supervisor: President or Designate

Description Date: July 3rd, 2020

Position Profile

As defined by the President, the NCD provides direction and overall supervision of all clinical matters and in doing so is responsible for all staff, processes, policies, procedures and practices as it relates to client care. The NCD oversees all client cases to ensure that the quality of care is consistent with the mission and vision of Affinity Health Care (AHC), with the goal of improving each client’s dignity, independence, & quality of life. The NCD also acts as a brand ambassador, having a very active role in developing new clinical programs as well growing existing programs by participating in community relations activities, and in targeted business development.

Key Activities and Responsibilities

Within the context of the corporate strategic plan, polices & procedures of the company, and standards of patient care as defined in legislation and standards of clinical practice, the NCD, under the direct supervision of the President, and in collaboration with regional leaders, shall be responsible for:

  • Overseeing each client case and making final nursing and care-related decisions on all client-related matters;
  • Identifying and responding to issues affecting client safety;
  • Improving client health and safety by actively searching for opportunities to educate clients and their families on creating a safe home environment and to ensure that proper health teaching is always given when possible;
  • Within the context of the provision of care to clients, supervising and working day-to-day with Client Care Managers (CCM) (and Client Service Coordinators as necessary) to discuss current client issues, and maintaining ongoing communication to monitor each client’s progress and to ensure that all client requests are being addressed;
  • Manage and lead in the development of clinical programs;
  • Assigning initial and ongoing assessments to CCMs, or personally conducting assessments as deemed necessary;
  • Following up with CCMs on any client complaints to ensure issues are resolved and further investigating all client complaints that could not be resolved by the CCM;
  • Making recommendations for changes in services provided to clients, as necessary;
  • Visiting clients on an as-needed basis;
  • Within the context of clinical care, actively participating in targeted business development and partnership activities consistent with national and regional plans, as assigned by the President and in collaboration with any community relations or business development resources;
  • Conducting and participating with industry contacts and referring all new contacts to the Manager, Community Relations or other relevant business development resources;
  • Scheduling on-call shifts for CCMs and the On-Call Coordinator and working on-call shifts* where necessary, reporting verbally and in writing on all activities that occurred at the next day meeting and completing a call log each time a call is taken;
  • Managing and participating in carrying the emergency pager to respond to emergency calls to provide emergency nursing and other care delivery advice;
  • Monitoring all CCM performance and conducts performance reviews as defined by the Human Resources function in Head Office;
  • Providing in-service training to all care delivery staff, as required, as well as collaborating with the training & development function to develop and maintain appropriate training resources;
  • Helping to ensure all client and employee information is up to date in company software systems;
  • Guiding and assisting CCMs, with the Client Care portion of the field staff annual evaluations;
  • Ensuring/participating as needed with orientation and annual on-site supervisory visits of field staff to ensure Health & Safety protocols are being followed;
  • Ensure that all CCMs are well versed in brand ambassadorship such that all staff members become a key part of community relations, partnership, and general business development activities;
  • Ongoing Management Health and Safety Training.
  • The NCD, in the management Health and Safety role, must perform or adhere to Management Health & Safety responsibilities of the following:
  • Perform workplace inspections;
  • Conduct information sessions (safety talks, staff meetings);
  • Conduct employee training;
  • Correct substandard acts or conditions;
  • Commend employee and supervisor Health & Safety performance;
  • Performing employee safety observations;
  • Comply with management responsibilities and accountabilities as well as applicable Legislation as found in sections 25, 26 of the OHSA.
  • Within the context of processes defined by Head Office, collaborate with centralized functions such as human resources, recruitment, training, central intake, & finance in supporting regional activities related to staff associated with the processes of care.

* Weekend includes Friday at 4:00pm to Monday morning at 8:00am (Tuesday mornings at 8:00am on long weekends).During the on-call shift, the Director of Client Care regularly checks for phone messages except at night, at which time the Director of Client Care is expected to listen for the page) and responds to those messages that are urgent. All other messages can be answered the next business day. All phone messages must be saved until a Client Care Manager reviews them.

Knowledge and Skill

Based on the Key Activities, this position requires knowledge of:

  • Up-to-date nursing practices and procedures;
  • Sound knowledge of the OHSA Responsibilities and Accountabilities for all levels of Managers, Supervisors and Employees;
  • Advanced knowledge of terminology used in nursing and home health care;
  • Experience developing and implementing clinical program plans;
  • Strong skills using office productivity tools.

Based on the Key Activities, this position requires the following skills and personal attributes:

  • Communication, leadership and management skills;
  • Business development experience;
  • Community relations experience;
  • Training skills;
  • Health & Safety insight and practices;
  • Relationship building and relationship management skills;
  • Assessment skills to gauge necessary level of care;
  • Client focused and teamwork focused;
  • Able to work under pressure;
  • Strong listening, verbal and writing skills;
  • Strong organizational skills;

Position Requirements

  • Current certificate of competence as Registered Nurse licensed to practice in Ontario & Quebec;
  • Bi-lingual (English & French), written and spoken (proficiency level B or higher);
  • At least 10 years of leadership experience in the Nursing/Gerontology/Home Care field;
  • At least 5 years of recent hands-on clinical experience;
  • Willingness to travel as required;
  • Verifications required:
  • Yearly CPR Certificate;
  • Yearly Flu Shot;
  • Criminal Record check (no older than 6 months);
  • 3-year TB test;
  • Driver’s license;
  • Personal vehicle insurance;
  • Annual CRC;
  • WHMIS certification;
  • TB test;
  • Vaccines (e.g. flu) as required