Position Description: This position reports to the Head Nurse. The registered nurse is accountable to provide professional nursing care to residents and is responsible and accountable for her/his actions. In the absence of the Head Nurse, the person occupying this position will supervise the team members and must be able to work independently.  


  • Assessment and planning of resident care needs
  • Provide personal activities of daily living, such as washing, dressing, grooming, toileting and eating, as well as turning and repositioning, etc.
  • Delivery of skilled procedures according to the Standards of Practice
  • Medication administration
  • Documentation
  • Communication with other health care providers
  • Assesses personal competence, maintains and enhances current knowledge and assumes responsibility in meeting own professional learning needs, by investing time, effort or other resources to attain the knowledge and skills required for practice.
  • Support the head nurse’s role of continuous improvement of service quality: patient rights and information, organization of patient care, improvement of professional practices, policies and procedures, surveillance and prevention of infectious risks, individualization of care, etc.




  • A Bachelor of Science in Nursing with a valid license to practice in Canada.
  • Experience working in a long-term care home would be an asset. 


Please contact us at: or by phone at (902) 854-3426.
or send your resume by mail at the following address:


La Coopérative Le ChezNous ltée

C.P. 40, 64, rue Sunset

Wellington (Î.P.É.) C0B 2E0


Noted that we offer a hiring bonus of $6,000 per year for two years, as well as other benefits and available housing opportunities.