Casual Registered Nurse

Reporting to the Clinic Manager, the nurse participates as an important member on a multidisciplinary team that includes physicians, a lab scientist, embryologists and Andrologists, sonographers, a pharmacist, phlebotomists, and administrative support staff.  Using the nursing process, professional knowledge, critical thinking skills, technical skill and clinical judgment, the nurse collaborates with other professionals to deliver comprehensive, high quality patient focused nursing care to women and their partners undergoing treatment for general fertility including ovulation induction, donor sperm insemination (DI), intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer (IVF-ET).  The nursing role involves working in the recovery room to prepare patients for procedures and care for patients post procedure; assisting physicians during procedures and preparing the room between procedures; meeting with patients to educate them on the treatment plan and to prepare treatment schedules.


The nurse contributes to the Centre’s vision to be the centre of choice for reproductive care in Canada by participating in ongoing quality initiatives to improve nursing services, procedures and standards and participates in educational activities of the Centre.


The Clinic Registered Nurse is personally responsible and accountable to ensure that her nursing practice and conduct meets the Standards of the College of Nurses of Ontario and the policies and procedures of the Ottawa Fertility Centre.


Key Responsibilities


  1. Performs patient assessments by:
  • Demonstrating critical thinking in the collection of patient histories
  • Identifying potential and actual learning needs of the patient
  • Documenting timely, accurate reports of all patient data that has been collected and interpreting the data to begin to develop a plan of care based on the patient history and learning needs;
  • Accessing appropriate information and resources that could enhance the plan of care;
  • Demonstrating a continual awareness of patient care conditions and readiness to participate in research; and
  • Identifying professional learning needs as prescribed by the continuing competency requirement of the College of Nurses of Ontario


  1. Delivers comprehensive, high quality patient focused nursing care to women and their partners undergoing treatment fertility by:
  • Collaborating with the patient, significant others and other members of the team to develop the patient’s plan of care;
  • Coordinating testing and other appointments as requested by the physician;
  • Developing teaching plans in accordance with the patient’s needs;
  • Facilitating integration of follow-up into the care planning process;
  • Acting as a patient’s advocate to protect and promote the patient’s right to autonomy, respect, privacy, dignity and access to information;
  • Ensuring that the nurse-patient relationship is therapeutic and professional;
  • Ensures his / her own fitness to practice; and
  • Participating in standing or ad-hoc committees of the Centre to develop new and/ or to improve existing standards of care.


  1. Implements a patient treatment plan by:
  • Providing clinical nursing care to assigned patients;
  • Performing nursing/medically delegated procedures in accordance with the Ottawa Fertility Centre’s standards of care and within the scope of practice of the College of Nurses Standards;
  • Completing documentation according to College of Nurses and the Fertility Centre standards;
  • Reporting pertinent information to the other health care professionals working in the Ottawa Fertility Centre;
  • Educating patients and significant others in consultation with the team;
  • Providing immediate nursing clinical decision making support, when needed; and
  • Contributing to positive team functioning and support of one another.


  1. Continuously evaluates patient treatment plans by:
  • Reviewing patient outcomes and responses to care and modifies the plan of care as indicated;
  • Participating in Continuous Quality Improvement activities and supporting the collection of data and statistical information as requested;
  • Ensuring policies and procedures and safety standards are consistent with best practices as directed by the Ottawa Fertility Centre;
  • Assuming responsibility for continual awareness of current literature in the development and evaluation of evidence based practice; and
  • Being accountable at all times for his/her own actions.


  1. Plays a leadership role and contributes to a successful team environment by:
  • Participating in a collaborative practice environment with other team members;
  • Participating in formal patient educational presentations with other members of the health care team;
  • Providing direct supervision of Nursing Assistants and Registered Practical Nurses;
  • Participating in orientation of new staff;
  • Guiding clinical learning experiences as a preceptor for staff or students
  • Communicating effectively to promote team building; and
  • Being accountable for the delegation of care to other health team members.
  1. Ensures patient safety by:
  • Reviewing and complying with all policies and standard procedures;
  • Ensuring proper and thorough identification of patients prior to taking any action and protecting confidentiality of patients and their health information;
  • Ensuring patients have completed all Consent forms prior to treatment;
  • Ensuring patients are well informed and understand instructions provided to them including medication administration, storage of medications, pre and post treatment instructions;
  • Performing thorough monitoring and assessment of patients pre and post procedures including: checking vitals, reviewing medical history, checking for allergies or previous adverse reactions to medications,  reviewing medications, and checking for pre-existing condition (e.g.: hypertension), OHSS, ectopic pregnancies;
  • Notifying the physician on call of any changes in health status observed;
  • Maintaining effective infection prevention and control practices including: maintaining sterility and cleanliness of the procedure area; effective hand hygiene, use of protective equipment, proper disposal of hazardous wastes;
  • Checking for proper expiry dates on medications and supplies before use;
  • Checking for proper functioning of medical equipment and devises on a regular basis to ensure proper functioning and maintenance;
  • Preventing risk of falls (e.g.: wheelchairs); and
  • Knowing and complying with all medical and non-medical emergency procedures (e.g.: emergency codes, location of emergency drugs, operation of AED, emergency pull stations).


  1. Contributes to the ongoing improvement of nursing services, procedures, and standards in the Centre.


  1. Safeguards all confidential information obtained and/or used during the course of work and takes reasonable precautions to protect the privacy of clients, co-workers and management
  2. Performs other duties as required

Qualifications and Experience


  • Bachelor of Nursing Science degree
  • Current Certificate of Registration, College of Nurses of Ontario
  • Meets Standards of Nursing Practice for R.N.
  • Current BCLS certification
  • Counselling experience an asset
  • Previous experience in Gynaecology preferred
  • Previous experience in infertility preferred
  • Specific knowledge of nursing related to the care of the infertile.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


  • Nursing practices according to standards of College of Nurses of Ontario.
  • Knowledge of other health care disciplines and their roles in patient care. 
  • Knowledge of policies, procedures and standards of care for Assisted Human Reproduction
  • Knowledge of computer software applications such as MS Word, Excel.


Core Competencies


  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to organize, prioritise, make decisions and work independently
  • Ability to manage conflicting demands (e.g. unexpected procedures time changes, equipment availability, space)
  • Ability to communicate well, both verbally and in written format
  • Training skills: willing to educate new colleagues
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team environment