Nurse Consultant/Complaints Officer: Request for Proposals

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The Protection for Persons in Care Unit investigates reports of abuse in publically funded facilities and administers the Protection for Persons in Care Act (Act). This Act promotes the safety and well-being of adult Albertans who receive care or support services from publicly funded service providers.

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The Role:

Are you a Nurse who is ready to take your clinical experience to the next step?  Do you have an eye for reviewing investigation findings to assess if persons in care are treated with the respect and safety that complies with legislated terms?  If so, this opportunity may be right for you.

The Province is seeking to contract up to four (4) consultants to serve as PPC Complaints Officers under the Protection for Persons in Care Act (PPCA). Each consultant will be expected to work approximately 36.25 hours per week for 50 weeks a year.

Potential vendors (bidders) may view the bid package and access the Request for Proposal (RFP # 22- 1761-R2) on Alberta Purchasing Connection (

If you are a first time user of Alberta Purchasing Connection, you will be required to register as a Vendor and sign in. Once registered, search for and download the bid package using RFP # 22-1761-R2 or APC reference # AB-2023-00786.

You must use the RFP submission form contained in the bid package to submit your response.

Some, but not all, of the qualifications and requirements of the Request for Proposal are included below.  Please refer to the official Request for Proposal on Alberta Purchasing Connection for complete details.


The Province requires the Contractor to perform the following services:

  1. Review the Investigator's final report and associated documentation (diagnostic and lab results, medical orders, client care plans, etc.) which includes a recommendation of founded or not founded, draft directions to the service provider as required as well as any other tasks deemed necessary in upholding the principles put forward in the Protection for Persons in Care Act;
  2. Utilizing an administratively fair and unbiased approach, review the Investigator's final report which may include but not be limited to: identifying potential gaps in the investigation and associated documentation, ensuring the initial allegations of abuses were in fact investigated, and confirming a reasonable review of applicable documentation used to formulate the Investigator's report was conducted;
  3. Utilizing clinical expertise and critical thinking skills, assess the Investigator's recommended conclusion of founded or not founded, uphold or overturn the Investigator's conclusion, and provide reasonable evidence for upholding or overturning the decision;
  4. Based on the services above, prepare a draft summary report (Director’s decision) , which will be logical, reasonable and sound based on information available;
  5. Complete additional tasks in relation to the requirement of Protection for Persons in Care Act and general Protection for Persons in Care process, which may include but is not limited to intake procedures and compliance reviews.

Mandatory Requirements:

  1. One year of demonstrated clinical experience in resolving multi-disciplinary, client care issues.

Clinical means knowledge and experience in health care settings such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, mental health facilities, supportive living facilities, lodges and/or home care.

Multi-disciplinary, client care issues may include addressing complex client care needs, issues resolution, care concerns and/or executing clinical outcomes.

  1. Must have a post-secondary diploma/degree in Nursing, and be in good standing with the relevant Alberta regulatory college (for example, the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta, College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Alberta, College of Registered Nurses of Alberta).

Desirable Provisions:

  1. Experience working with very sensitive issues and in politically charged environment.
  2. Experience reviewing and synthesizing information from various sources including written interviews, clinical documents and/or reports.
  3. Experience in writing reports that provide recommendations with rationale for decision makers.
    • Must identify and elaborate on types of written reports completed.
  4. Working in a career field requiring knowledge of persons with developmental disabilities.
    • Must identify and elaborate on the career field
  5. Demonstrated experience in conducting investigations such as incident reports, professional practice investigations or resolving complex client/family/staff issues.
  6. Experience with quasi-judicial processes and/or administrative law.
  7. Experience with legislation including the Protection for Persons in Care Act and related legislation.