Nurse Practitioner

As a member of the Medicine Program team, you will have an opportunity to participate in providing support to a diverse group of patients. The Nurse Practitioner is an integral part of our care team providing care to complex General Internal Medicine patients. The position also plays a valuable role in providing safe and quality care to all patients, and in providing support to frontline staff.


Nurse Practitioners (NP’s) are Advanced Practice Nurses who have achieved additional education and competencies required for NP licensure in Alberta. The NP uses an evidence-informed, holistic approach that emphasizes the nursing professions values, knowledge, theories and practice (CRNA, 2005). The NP role requires greater breadth, depth and complexity of application of nursing knowledge, skills, attitudes and judgment, and the performance of additional activities beyond registered nursing practice (CRNA, 2005). In their practice, the NP role includes, but is not limited to, diagnosing and managing common and complex health conditions; promoting health and preventing illness/injury; ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests; prescribing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and other therapies; and performing procedures, interventions and/or treatments. The standards and values of the nursing profession provide the foundation for the NP role (CNA, 2010). The NP performs restricted activities and provides care within their scope of practice and defined by Schedule 24 of the Health Profession Act, the Registered Nurses Profession Regulations, and the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA). The nursing activities performed are determined by legislation, standards of care outlines by CRNA, Covenant Health policy, educational preparation, practice setting, patient need, and competency of the NP. This position is non-unionized.

  • Classification: Nurse Practitioner
  • Unit and Program: Medicine Program General Internal Medicine on units 4 east, 7 east, 7 west, 8 east, 8 west, rapid transfer unit and Emergency Department
  • Primary Location: Misericordia Community Hosp
  • Location Details: As Per Location
  • Temporary Employee Class: Temp F/T Benefits
  • FTE: 1.00
  • Posting End Date: 15-SEP-2022
  • Date Available: 25-SEP-2022
  • Temporary End Date: 29-FEB-2024
  • Hours per Shift: 7.75
  • Length of Shift in weeks: 4
  • Shifts per cycle: 20
  • Shift Pattern: Days
  • Days Off: Saturday/Sunday
  • Salary: Covenant Health offers a competitive compensation and benefits package
  • Vehicle Requirement: Not Applicable

Required Qualifications:

Required Master of Nursing Program (including thesis or capping project) with an advanced practice component required. Current registration on the College of Registered Nurses Extended Practice Roster required, as an Adult/ Family All Ages practitioner. Certification in Basic Life Support (BLS) required.

Additional Required Qualifications:

Knowledge and skills in history and physical examination, communication, pathophysiology and therapeutics with geriatric and medical patients required. Excellent diagnostic and problem-solving skills; leadership abilities, teaching, conflict resolution and organization skills required.

Preferred Qualifications:

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to enable working directly with patients and their family members. Demonstrated ability to work as a member of a team. Ability to function independently. Excel at working in a dynamic fast paced environment. Work well under pressure and stressful situations. Application and knowledge of current research. Ongoing interest in research.