Nursing in New Zealand: Now’s Your Time


With much of the world still in a state of flux, the relative normality of life in New Zealand has captured attention around the globe. It’s a place people want to be...and if you’re one of them, we can help you make the shift to all-new career and lifestyle opportunities.

As a nurse, recent times have undoubtedly put all your experience, dedication and career passion to the test. But if you’re like us at Auckland District Health Board (DHB), these heightened challenges have only confirmed that you’re doing exactly what you’re meant to be in life: a career providing care and wellbeing to individuals, families and communities when they need it most.

And yet times of adversity can also shine a light on opportunity - opening our eyes and minds to possibilities to seize the day and do something significantly positive for ourselves. For you, that could very well be making the move to join us in Auckland - a place where your nursing career - and your quality of life - can flourish.

As one of our nursing team at Auckland District Health Board, you’ll enjoy all the familiarity of immersing yourself in the job you know and love – within a wide range of nursing specialties at New Zealand’s leading teaching hospital and national acute referral centre for a number of medical specialties. But you’ll also enjoy all that comes with a refreshing change of scene and lifestyle - new, supportive colleagues, inspiring leadership, and a healthcare system focused on respect and equity for all.

What’s more, we’re committed to the continuous improvement of our nursing environment and conditions. We have a focus on safe staffing levels, and doing what we can to enable and empower you to grow as much as you give at work through the likes of ongoing professional development and training opportunities.

If you’re excited or curious by what’s on offer then simply click this link to find out more, including job vacancies available right now.