In-School Nurse

Upper York School In-house Nurse part-time 

Promoting Health with Individuals

  • Assessment, support, counselling and referral of students to needed services 
  • Health education and skill development with students, families, school staff 
  • Provision of some clinical services per locally identified need  
  • School-based health or wellness clinics or youth health centres in secondary schools
  • Coordination with school staff - Participation in case conferences  
  • Communication and coordination with families via school visits, home visits, calls
  • Coordination with other service or care providers

Promoting Health with Small Groups or Classrooms

  • Small group programming with students in areas of identified need, e.g., healthy relationships, self-esteem, communication, social skills, anger management 
  • Staff education on health and development issues and youth engagement - Parenting education 
  • Training of groups of peer leaders in various topic areas, e.g., Nutrition, Mental Health Leaders, Healthy School Committees
  • Providing or recommending curriculum materials to teachers
  • Classroom education sessions on health topics

School-Wide Health Promotion

  • Assessment, surveillance, and data analysis to identify priority strengths and needs in school population
  • Ensuring a group to address school health or school improvement issues is established, and that it includes student participation and leadership
  • Encouraging youth across the school to become involved in health action
  • Working with school staff, students and community to develop and implement healthy school policies and to create supportive school environments

Ensuring equitable access to health and social services for the school population

Community-Level Health Promotion

  • Contributing to health policy development for the school
  • Acknowledging school successes at community events 
  • Collecting statistics to identify trends and prevailing issues - Conducting evaluations as indicated

Ability to communicate in Mandarin and Cantonese is an asset.

To Apply:  Interested candidates are asked to send a cover letter and resume to  Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.