Nurse Practitioner

The Incumbent will serve the community of Samaritan Place by integrating experience, skills and knowledge from nursing theory in the provision of resident directed care, assessment of needs, clinical problem solving and resident and staff mentoring and education.  The provision of resident’s primary health care needs will be met in collaboration with the general practitioner.

The NP/Clinical Lead operates in an environment of self-initiation and independence providing a broad spectrum of services.  As a nurse practitioner, the Clinical Lead will oversee the primary health needs of half the residents for Samaritan Place.  There will be coverage of all residents when the alternate Clinical Lead is away from Samaritan Place. Communication between the 2 Clinical Leads will be critical to ensure resident care is seamless and continuous.  Comprehensive care is provided utilizing a systems approach and consistent collaboration with the interdisciplinary team.  A leadership and mentoring role is provided in the areas of assessment, client care and education.

The Clinical lead will contribute to the development of knowledge and the improvement of practice at Samaritan Place. This will be accomplished through the demonstration of leadership, the implementation and application of best practices, the provision of clinical consultation/services and the development of healthy interdependent partnerships with essential stakeholders. The Clinical Lead is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of high standards of resident care and may assume delegated administrative, clinical and educational responsibilities.  The Clinical Lead demonstrates rapid decision making for efficient matching of demands, needs and resources. Other more specific responsibilities may include, but not limited to, participating in policy and procedure development, monitoring standards of practice, planning, developing, implementing and maintaining quality improvement initiatives.

•Registered nurse in good standing with SRNA
•Successful completion of an RN/ NP nursing education program approved by
•Knowledge of MDS would be an asset
•Experience in Long Term Care is preferred
•Previous supervisory experience would be an asset
•Self-motivated and self-directed with excellent organizational skills
•Previous experience in teaching and mentoring