Say thank you to nurses!

Apr 6, 2020

Apr 6, 2020

We invite you and your family to recognize nurses for all their hard work in responding to COVID-19. Join and share our Thank a Nurse campaign!

  • First, hand-write a thank-you note or draw a picture. It’s a great activity for kids! You can use our “thank you nurses” template (available as a PDF [PDF, 643.5 KB] or JPG [JPG, 144.6 KB]) to help get you started.
  • Next, share your message or picture by emailing a good quality image to or by posting it on social media.
    • If you email it to us, we’ll post it for you on our social media accounts.
    • If you post it on social media, be sure to tag us so we can share your creation! Facebook @CNA.AIIC, Twitter @canadanurses, and Instagram @canadanurses. Also, please use the hashtags #ThankYouNurses #YearoftheNurseandMidwife #FlattenTheCurve.
  • Finally, if you see someone else’s thank-you message or drawing, be sure to share it!

Nurses across Canada will see your messages and be moved by the outpouring of support. Thank a nurse today — they deserve it!

This is an especially important time to recognize nurses because the World Health Organization deemed 2020 to be the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife.