You may be surprised when you find out what the #1 career in healthcare is...

Written by
Jennifer Winthrop

Apr 18, 2019

Apr 18, 2019 • by Jennifer Winthrop

You may be surprised when you find out what the #1 career in healthcare is...

Choosing a career path in healthcare is one of the toughest decisions in our lives. Your talents and interests should be key factors, of course, but it’s also helpful to know which healthcare jobs are the most promising based on hard numbers. The numbers in Canada show that becoming a Nurse Practitioner is the #1 job! In fact, there are a lot of healthcare based careers in the top 25 overall careers in Canada. As you may know, a nurse practitioner is a primary healthcare provider that works with doctors and other professionals to provide a variety of services. In addition to nurse practitioners, this job category includes physician assistants and midwives. People in this field might work in a hospital, a community clinic or a birthing centre. Your job duties could include anything from administering vaccinations to delivering babies.

What are the job qualifications of becoming a nurse practitioner?

The requirements for these jobs vary depending on the type of work. Nurse practitioners usually need a Master’s degree in nursing, while physician assistants and midwives require university degrees in related programs. Depending on the province you live in and the type of job, you may also need to register with a regulatory body.


What is the average salary of a nurse practitioner?

We searched around and found that people in this job category earn a median salary of $104,000 which is great considering the comparable schooling for electrical engineering or even a dentist is 10% lower on average.


The numbers are staggering as far as people employed in this position. In the last 5 years the number of nurse practitioners has increased over 75% in Canada. The Canadian government predicts that there will be more jobs in this field than people looking for work by 2024.


How do I take the next step?

If you are currently working in the healthcare field or thinking about earning a position as a nurse practitioner ask your human resources department or college counselor if they have information that can put you on the right career path for this type of position. You may also use our site as a point of reference by reading information about the field and searching for available positions here: