Mar 29, 2019

Mar 29, 2019

As a nurse, your responsibilities are great and the potential rewards even greater. Learn more about this challenging profession and why it might be right for you.

Nursing in Canada

Canadian healthcare needs nurses. Discover what nurses do, what the different types of nurses are, and nursing salary ranges. Read more.

Nursing Education

Nursing is a demanding, rewarding profession with high standards. Learn what education you need to enter the field. Read more.

Getting a Nursing Licence

Nursing is a self-regulated profession that requires a licence to practise. Read more.

The Licensing Exam

Registered and practical nurses in Canada must pass a national examination to ensure they possess the competencies to practice safely and effectively. Read more.

Internationally Educated Nurses

As a registered nurse already, you will likely have much of the basic education required to work in Canada. Read more.

Finding Employment

As a nurse, you have a wide array of career options. Read more.

Continuing Education/Professional Development

If you're a nurse, you'll be learning all your life. Read how it can advance your career.